We have both Property and Financial Management Services.

Statewide offers many levels of service to our clients.  We provide property management, financial management, and maintenance services. Your Association can have one or the other.  And yes, you can have all too.  Statewide understands that not two community's are alike.   


Statewide has access to over 100 employees.

Through our years of using vendors to help us accomplish our goals, we have established excellent relationships.  We have access to over 100 employees in every aspect of maintenance and repairs.  This saves our communities time, money, and trouble.      

Top 7 reasons why communities switch from being self-managed to Statewide.

  • Not enough volunteers.
  • The association is too big.
  • Documents are complicated.
  • Too much bookkeeping.
  • Compliance with State laws.
  • Difficulty with neighbors.
  • Not enough time.


'We are much happier since we made the change, we can't thank you enough.'

'Our community was lacking a management company that did what they said they were going to do, not any more.  Great Job Statewide!'

'Our community appearance has greatly improved, projects are getting finished much quicker.'


Statewide Association Management, Inc.
has two offices
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15800 Pines Blvd., Ste. 318
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