Statewide is owned and operated by a professional Law Office.

There are a lot of management companies that are improperly run and operated.  Unfortunately the communities and families have to pay for the mistakes that these companies make.  Statewide is a branch of a law office that has been successful for the past 15 years and continues to grow today.  This expertise in law and business gives Statewide an advantage most smaller companies are lacking, professionalism and structure. 


Are you unhappy with your current Management Company?

Whether you are on the Board of an association or just a member, if you are unhappy with your management chances are you are not alone. 

Talk with your fellow neighbors and get a better understanding of how others feel. You may be surprised that many people might share your opinion.    


Top 7 reasons why communities switch from being self-managed to Statewide.

  • Not enough volunteers.
  • The association is too big.
  • Documents are complicated.
  • Too much bookkeeping.
  • Compliance with State laws.
  • Difficulty with neighbors.
  • Not enough time.


Statewide Association Management, Inc.
has two offices

 Office: (954) 990-2941

15800 Pines Blvd., Ste. 318
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

11420 N. Kendall Dr., Ste. 110
Miami, FL 33176


'We are much happier since we made the change, we can't thank you enough.'

'Our community was lacking a management company that did what they said they were going to do, not any more.  Great Job Statewide!'

'Our community appearance has greatly improved, projects are getting finished much quicker.'





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